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Villa di Bagnolo Artistic Impressions

Jul 08, 2019 Written by: Angelina Villa-Clarke
Villa: Villa di Bagnolo

JC Stays: Villa Di Bagnolo, Tuscany

Angelina Villa-Clarke experiences where Da Vinci grew up 500 years since his death, all while staying at Villa Di Bagnolo a seven-bedroom manor house.
Villa: I Giullari

Decoding da Vinci delightfully at I Giulari

Learn the history of the great polymaths works and where he worked on them with Rowena Marella-Daw, when she visited the origins of Da Vinci’s life and wondered the countryside as he did over 500 years ago.
Villa: Villa di Bagnolo

Uncovering Tuscan Treasures: Villa di Bagnolo

Angelina reviews Villa di Bagnolo a majestic villa in the heart of Tuscany, including an exquisite cooking lesson and wine tasting.
Villa: Podere Celli

Podere Celli: A classic Tuscan villa, within walking distance of San Gimignano

Every inch the archetype of the Italian country villa, Podere Celli is a wonderful place for a large group to share each other's company. Rosie Paterson paid a visit.
Villa: Villa di Bagnolo

Travel in Leonardo Da Vinci's footsteps with an authentic stay at Villa di Bagnolo

Read all about the world of Leonardo Da Vinci where he grew up and the inspiration for his early works.
Villa: Ciclopica

5 Dreamy Italian Villas To Book This Summer

Nicoles top 5 luxury villas that suite every taste that you must visit this summer!

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